Pep Talk is a project that has gradually precipitated out of a year, or so, of freelance floating. It comes out of having time to think, but often lacking convincing focus or direction. The desire to be consumed, obsessed, and possessed by work, to feel a deep purpose combines with large doses of self-doubt, occasional bouts of aporia, and a diffuse lack of motivation. There are so many intriguing leads and so few, or no, galvanic urgencies. It is a problem of narrowing down options, choosing and committing with exuberant deliberation. The expectation of productivity only compounds the issue. So, at this point, it’s about motivation and where to find it. Or how to deal with its lack. How to come to terms with blankness and how to punctuate numbness with thrills. Lee Lozano’s way of thinking about her curiosities and work as the finding of turn ons makes sense to me. The turn on has become an important way of being and prioritizing thought. Pep Talk collects turn ons, often other people’s, to see where the fire burns. How do we give form to and choose to spend unstructured time. How do we face an abyss. What does it for the artists, writers, musicians, and other acute unemployeds and part-timers I know. In this way, Pep Talk is also about a certain idiosyncratic and unhinged community. Each Pep Talk may take its own form and have its own angle. In general, Pep Talk hopes to be a resource or reference that can be used to light up.