Stephen Kaltenbach PEP TALK is an important new resource on the mysterious and legendary, if under-recognized, conceptual artist. This special monographic issue includes three interviews with Kaltenbach: one by Cindy Nemser (reprinted from its original 1970 appearance in Artforum); a discussion between the artist and Peter Eleey, Curator at the Walker Art Center; and a conversation with a Pep Talk listener. Also printed are past notebook entries by Kaltenbach's friend and artist peer Lee Lozano, a scholarly essay by writer and art historian Edward Sterrett, and enthusiastic notes from the editors. With over 45 image reproductions, this Pep Talk represents the most comprehensive survey to date of Kaltenbach's early work and continuing practice. It is Pep Talk's honor to present the work of this mind-blowing, hilarious, and totally brilliant artist.

Stephen Kaltenbach PEP TALK has been superbly designed by Melody Morgan and printed on newsprint in an edition of 1000. It coincides with the artist's current exhibition, 's fear, of cosmological drawing proposals on view in Los Angeles.

Available November 2009.

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